Heat is on; rain’s off

Published 9:37 am Saturday, August 8, 2009

FRANKLIN—July may have been drier and a little cooler than usual, but August is shaping up to be hotter and wetter.

According to the meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Wakefield, temperatures in the area are expected to be in the mid-90s on Sunday, in the upper 90s on Monday and Tuesday and in the mid-90s on Wednesday. While stopping short of saying they would be the hottest days of the summer, Rick Curry, a meteorologist at the NWS, said that they would “be near there.”

The Weather Channel is predicting Franklin’s temperature could hit 100 degrees on Monday.

“They’re going to be warm days,” Curry said on Friday.

The NWS is expecting Monday’s high to top out around 97 degrees in Franklin. Curry said that the NWS doesn’t expect to issue any heat advisories or warnings, but they are monitoring the situation.

“The heat index could get into the lower 100s,” he said.

Franklin, which averages 2.73 inches of rain during August, had already received 1.34 inches through the first six days of this month, according to AccuWeather.com. Franklin received 3.1 inches of rain during July, compared with a historical average of 3.63 inches.

Before the recent spate of storms, the region was experiencing below average rainfall totals for the year.

“We’re starting to play catch up,” Curry said.

Besides runoff and ponding on roadways and parking lots during heavy rain, Curry said that serious flooding isn’t a major risk at this point.

“Flooding shouldn’t be a major concern,” he said. “The ground, especially because we’ve been in a deficit, has been able to absorb the water.” Next week’s heat will also help the area dry from all of the recent rain.

The next chance of rain is Wednesday, according to the NWS.