He doesn’t mind closed-session interviews

Published 8:51 am Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To the Editor:

In a recent editorial you are critical of Franklin’s City Council for interviewing the school board candidates behind closed doors (“Advocating for openess,” July 29).

I am perfectly happy to have my city council representative conducting this sort of business behind closed doors, as I have every right and opportunity to convey to him my position on any issue that comes before the council.

I have found him, and for that matter all the members of the City Council, receptive to rational input and willing to listen and discuss.

There is no reason to interview potential school board members in open session just to provide fodder for the newspaper. Sensitive issues and personal matters may be brought up during the interviews.

It is hard enough to encourage qualified candidates to seek positions of service to the community without their having to fear being raked over the coals in the press.

The public doesn’t need to “learn the candidates’ qualifications and philosophies on education,” since the council members are the ones who will make the selections.

If we don’t trust our city council members, then we should elect different ones.

Holt Livesay