Joint meeting was an encouraging sign

Published 8:06 am Friday, July 31, 2009

To the Editor:

The joint meeting of the governing bodies of the City of Franklin and Southampton County was certainly a step in the right direction for both entities.

During these extremely difficult economic times, it is encouraging that the localities are making a collaborative effort to discuss resources and long-term goals.

There are many opportunities for the localities to improve delivery of services to all citizens by pooling their resources. At the joint meeting, some of the opportunities discussed were long-range planning for waste disposal, water, sewer, enhanced educational programs, recreation, entertainment and economic development.

I feel it is imperative for the city and county to reach out to each other in order for our communities to advance educationally and environmentally.

Joint meetings of the board and council will be beneficial in an effort to identify opportunities and develop projects that will enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Franklin and Southampton.

Kay N. Pope

Franklin-Southampton Futures