Foundations help college sustain quality and innovation

Published 8:06 am Friday, July 31, 2009

When Paul D. Camp Community College first opened in 1971, there was no immediate need for private fundraising in the community college arena.

By 1980, however, community colleges in the Virginia Community College System began establishing foundations to extend and sustain a high level of quality and innovation. Paul D. Camp’s second president, Dr. Johnnie Merritt, followed suit by establishing an educational foundation at PDCCC to address the gap between what public funds support and the demand for high-quality education and training.

Nonetheless, the 1980 attempt to create a viable fund-raising arm was unsuccessful, and the newly formed 501 (c) (3) organization became defunct in a short while. It was not until 1995 that the idea was revisited, when the college’s fifth president, Dr. Jerry Friga, reinstituted the nonprofit organization.

PDCCC Foundation

Organized to promote the continuing progress of Paul D. Camp Community College, the PDCCC Foundation serves the college as an independent organization with a board of directors, staff allocated by the college, and a range of activities and services to the college.

Its goals include securing funds and other resources needed to promote faculty and staff development; strengthen and develop educational programs preparing students for employment; support college activities and special projects; purchase or make contributions for acquisition of instructional materials and equipment for the construction of buildings and facilities to enhance the educational and administrative resources of the college; and provide scholarships for deserving students.

Foundation Activities

Annual Fund Campaign/Planned Giving: The foundation just completed its sixth annual fund campaign, which provides needed dollars for professional development activities for faculty and staff, workforce development needs, and nine endowed scholarships to benefit worthy students.

Major Gifts Campaign: Currently, the foundation board is gearing up for Paul D. Camp’s first Major Gifts Campaign to raise money for critical initiatives identified through the college’s strategic planning process. In partnership with the local college board, the foundation board implemented a feasibility study to assess the college’s image and reputation and to identify which proposed fund-raising projects would likely receive support.

During this process, outside consultants conducted confidential interviews with a representative sample of individuals across the college’s service region. As a result, the consultants provided a detailed report of their findings that includes recommendations for a dollar amount for the goal for the Major Gifts Campaign and identification and prioritization of projects that most likely would be supported.

Golf tournament: The foundation’s sixth annual golf tournament, which moves to a different location each year in the college’s service region, will be held Friday, Aug. 14, at Sleepy Hole Golf Course in Suffolk. Call 569-6791 to register.

Antique Car and Truck Show: The foundation is also hosting its second annual Car and truck show on Saturday, Oct. 31, from noon to 3 p.m. at the Franklin Campus parking lot. Proceeds from both the golf tournament and antique car and truck show will be used to provide scholarships and support college program initiatives and other special projects.

Foundation Directors

Composed of business and community leaders who generously contribute their time and resources, the PDCCC Foundation has taken a leadership role in seeking private support to maintain standards of excellence at PDCCC. In addition to the college president and the vice president for institutional advancement (who serves as executive director and secretary), the current directors include Scott Carr (president), J.R. Boyce (treasurer), and Chet Hart of Suffolk; Phil Bain of Ivor; Nancy Hargrave Nagle Bolio of Richmond; Billy Gwaltney (vice president) of Windsor; Sandy Mann of Carrollton; Herb DeGroft of Smithfield; Roger Drake, Kendall Edwards and Glenn Rawlings of Franklin; and Lynda Updike of Newsoms.

We salute them all.

For more details on the PDCCC Foundation, call 569-6791.

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