Let’s talk sharing

Published 9:12 am Friday, July 24, 2009

Governing bodies from Franklin and Southampton County are set to meet Tuesday for a summit on a wide variety of topics that affect both localities.

Officials so far have speculated that topics of discussion might be waste management, water and sewer, economic development and the possible sharing of services, specifically as it pertains to water development.

Let’s hope the two bodies will take a page from Isle of Wight County’s book and start talking seriously about consolidation.

In this economic climate sharing services makes sense, whether it be planning and zoning or school administration or more.

In Isle of Wight, the social services board has been considering consolidating some of its services with the county’s offerings. Supervisors there also agreed to look at other ways to save taxpayer money by consolidating services.

Franklin and Southampton should get real and discuss these ideas, too.

And maybe they should invite Isle of Wight to the next meeting.