Corrections to column duly noted by writer

Published 9:11 am Friday, July 24, 2009

To the Editor:

The corrections by David Benton to my July 19 column, “Wanted: School Board talent,” are duly noted and my apologies to any member of the city School Board for the inaccuracies. His precise analysis is reflective of his reputation as someone who is always prepared on the school board and his defense of his fellow members is admirable and is reflective of his character. I stand corrected and appreciate the accurate information.

Two points: 1. The City Council should make every effort to restore the logical 2-2-3 member rotation as quickly and as legally possible and 2. The Council should also discuss and give serious consideration to term limits for school board members. A suggestion would be: Once a member has served a total of nine years on the board, regardless of whether it is consecutive or not, then there should be a “break in service” requirement of three years or the equivalent of one three-year term before the member would be once again eligible for appointment.

To do nothing less is a disservice to our children and to the community at large.

Chuck Lilley