Council action puzzles school board nominee

Published 8:37 am Friday, July 17, 2009

To the Editor:

Considering the times, what manner of people should we be?

Will we be people of courage — innovative leaders who will be creative in solving the challenges facing us as we prepare our children for the world they will be facing tomorrow? Their futures (and ours) and the demands of their lives will require a good quality education that makes the most of each child’s potential so that they will be ready to educate their own children, govern themselves, do justice, and lead with strength and purpose.

Considering the times when promises of leaders for accountability and transparency should be kept, where is that transparency in governance? Why the delay in choosing from the candidates for the Franklin School Board? Were there none among us (candidates) whose leadership, skills and abilities could be added to the current board to help provide the necessary direction and purpose to a school system charged with preparing our children? Would not these young people benefit from any of us who would bring our time, talents and treasures to work together as partners with parents, educators, administrators and all the community stakeholders?

The children in our community deserve the best possible opportunity for a great education. The City Council’s decision to reopen nominations for the contested School Board seats demands an explanation of their inability to choose from qualified candidates.

The citizens of Franklin are waiting for you, City Council. More importantly, the children of Franklin are waiting.

Phyllis Crum