T-ball rocks in Windsor

Published 9:07 am Friday, July 10, 2009

WINDSOR—T-ball is usually a time when kids are learning the fine art of playing baseball. Many times T-ball games have humorous incidents, like when a kid hits the ball and runs to third base instead of first, or a ball is hit into the outfield and all of the defensive players run after it like a swarm of bees. Usually, the score in a T-ball game is not kept.

Against the grain, the Windsor Athletic Association recently held a competitive T-ball tournament called T-Ball Rocks, which, according to tournament director Travis Luter, was very rewarding for players and coaches.

“I have been around baseball for over 25 years and I have never been more proud to have my name associated with an association and tournament than I am this one,” Luter said. “It was just awesome.”

Luter said the players, all 4-, 5-, and 6-year-olds, also enjoyed the tournament.

“If they won, they jumped up and down. If they lost, they jumped up and down,” Luter said. “It was 90 degrees, and those kids would just not give up. When they were done, the kids still wanted to play. They had hearts of lions.”

Luter, the boys commissioner for the WAA, has been trying to get the tournament off the ground for a few years.

“They told me if you want it, you organize it,” Luter said.

The first-ever tournament consisted of 10 teams, including three from Windsor and one from Ivor. Tournament champions were the Smithfield Yankees who defeated the Smithfield Cardinals in the championship. Third place was the Windsor Longhorns, Luter’s team.

The tournament was held over the weekend of June 27 and 28 at the Windsor Athletic Association complex. The tournament was standard Pony League double elimination and was officiated by umpires.

“There was just a lot of interest in kids that were going to move up to coach pitch (next year),” Luter said. “I originally had 18 teams that said they would do it if they could put a team together. “

Luter said organizing the tournament was a learning experience, and he will probably make some changes for next year.

“For the way we did the tournament on a Saturday and Sunday, that was more than enough. Next year it will probably be a week long. This year we didn’t do team registration. We had a parking fee, which took care of trophies and umpires. Next year we are going to make it a straight invitational tournament. Maybe we will shorten the games and have more time between games.”