Former FHS hoops star to play overseas

Published 9:15 am Friday, July 10, 2009

FRANKLIN—Ashley Lee, who recently graduated from Franklin High School, has been invited to play for a United States basketball team in the 2009 Wilson Swiss All-Star Classic in Switzerland this month.

Lee was recruited by 365 Sports, an outfit based in Raleigh, NC. 365 Sports is an intensive summer athletic experience which combines intense training and international tournament competition. According to the 365 Sports Web site, the program also offers athletes growth opportunities to develop character building skills.

Ashley Lee Sr., Ashley’s father, said he told his son that this could be a real opportunity for him.

“I was telling Ashley Jr. that it’s a real honor to be part of this international team. You never know where it will take you,” Lee said. “You will meet some pro athletes and some college coaches. Doors are going to open. It will be a great experience and something he will remember for the rest of his life. For him to compete on that level is only going to make him better. I’m excited for him.”

Lee will get to train at Hoops City U, which according to 365 Sports, uses revolutionary teachings through its shooting lab, sports performance center and nutritional consultants.

Lee, who played varsity basketball for two years at Franklin, will head to Hoops City U in Raleigh on July 18 and 19 for practice sessions, then will leave for Switzerland on July 20 for seven days of competition.

According to Rik Seymour, CEO of 365 Sports, Inc., “the 365 experience is a tremendous opportunity for a young athlete to develop their character and leadership skills. It provides the athlete a unique way in which to experience the sharing of knowledge between people of different nationalities.”

Lee was a key cog in the Broncos’ run to the state tournament. He played center and was named to the All-Tri-Rivers District team. Lee said his son is hoping to enroll at Virginia Union University for the 2010 spring semester and eventually walk on the basketball team.

“Hopefully the experience in Switzerland will give him enough confidence to go the university and compete,” Lee, Sr. said.

The Lee family is seeking sponsorships to defer the $4,000 cost of the trip. Call 635-9929 for more information.