Moyler case reveals inequalities in Southampton

Published 8:16 am Saturday, July 4, 2009

To the Editor:

I am appalled at the recent developments in the Ed Moyler case. It seems like such a miscarriage of justice for this gentleman to be allowed to be free while under indictment for the alleged theft of $4 million simply because he is not seen as a risk.

Excuse me? When did your “risk factor” become the determining factor as to whether you should be placed behind bars as penalty for your actions?

This shows me even more why I am not proud to be considered a product of Southampton County. While Southamptonians continue to proclaim that they want to preserve their way of living, I must ask if that way of living is akin to the 1800s, wherein those of privilege were immune to the justice system and legal heads could be turned simply because of who you are in the community.

Perhaps we should allow some of those who have committed petty larceny, written worthless checks, engaged in governmental fraud or some other “minor offense” be allowed to come home to the comfort of their bed and the welcoming arms of their loved ones. Why not give them a pittance to pay in order to return to the stolen luxury that they have become accustomed to for so long?

Are we to believe that only Mr. Moyler is aware of his wrongdoing? Were there no other attorneys, bankers, politicians or others knowledgeable of this? How did this man allegedly steal $4 million and no banker raise an eyebrow? Was his Realtor unaware when he purchased his tony, secluded home near the park aware of the resources used?

Say what you want, residents of Franklin and Southampton County. There is a double standard in our community that is longer than the railroad dividing Franklin and darker than the rivers of the Blackwater. Until we get to the root of the injustices existing in our own back yard, Southampton County/Franklin will never be a place where everyone is welcome and equality truly lives!

Tiona Montgomery