‘Cap and Trade’ would destroy economy

Published 8:21 am Friday, July 3, 2009

To the Editor:

It is with utter dismay that I realize how devastating the recently passed “Cap and Trade” bill in the U.S. House of Representatives is going to be for every citizen in this country, as well as those who are here illegally.

There is no telling what the true increase in the cost of energy will be in the next few years and what effect it will have on the cost of almost everything we purchase or use.

Let’s just look at one scenario and think about what the increase in the cost of production of every item in the grocery store will be, the cost of transporting those items, the energy it takes to keep them cold or frozen or heated, whatever the demand may be. Think of all of the electrical costs in the operation of the store alone, as well as the heat, lights and air-conditioning.

If you think, you can add a number of additional energy costs without my listing them. Your grocery bill likely will double just as every other bill, whether it be for auto fuels, parts, tires, you name it, most everything you use, period. If you don’t think this is hidden tax increases, you must be in the $250,000 bracket, where you can expect tax increases.

Obviously, this is a new revenue source for the federal government to cover its printing of worthless money by selling CO2 credits. I have no intention of trying to explain the intricacies of this legislation when the bill had not been written at the time it was introduced and passed in Congress. If you don’t think we are getting snookered big time, I would like for someone to explain this to me.

It is time for every citizen to call his senator and see if we can possibly stop this legislation before we descend into the depths of a depression that will make 1932-33 look like a picnic. Perhaps these nitwits who think C02 emissions are going to destroy this planet should have their brains examined since most reputable scientists find no evidence that doubling C02 worldwide would increase the earth’s temperature one degree.

If you think you can stand these awesome increases in every cost, sit and do nothing, but if it concerns you, call Sen. Mark Warner at 441-3079 in Norfolk or in Washington at 202-224-2023. For Sen. Jim Webb, call 518-1674 in Virginia Beach or in Washington at 202-225-8351.

Dr. Robert T. Edwards