A void — and an opportunity

Published 8:16 am Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A quiet but effective civil servant is calling it quits.

Dexter Trump, who has served the City of Franklin and its electricity customers for 33 years, is retiring, leaving big shoes to fill at Franklin Power & Light.

Trump, a trusted and capable aide to longtime FP&L Director Dave Howe, stepped into the utility’s top job when Howe retired last year and provided steady leadership during a time of transition.

While Trump’s retirement leaves a void, it also creates an opportunity for city government to achieve more administrative efficiency.

City Hall should seize this opportunity to consolidate FP&L and the Department of Public Works and hire one competent administrator to oversee both.

The cost savings would be significant with the elimination of one executive-level position and the accompanying salary and benefits. Also, much efficiency could be gained by having one manager oversee the services provided by both departments.

Trump’s retirement is the perfect opportunity for consolidation. It’s up to city government to seize it.