Pork Avenue BBQ

Published 8:28 am Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Name of person featured: Derrick Ledbetter, cook and team leader

Name of Business: Pork Avenue BBQ

Street address: 20257 General Thomas Highway, Boykins

Phone number: (757) 654-6006

Operating hours: Tuesday- Saturday 11 a.m.- 8 p.m.

E-mail address: porkavenue@gmail.com

Nature of business: restaurant

Principle owner/manager or title: Mark and Jen Warren/Anthony Meadows

Year founded: 2009

Prior locations: None

Number of employees: Six

How’s business? We’ve had a great response so far and tremendous support from the community.

One thing you wish everyone knew about your business: That God opened the doors that led to the opening of Pork Avenue, and we followed His footsteps. We seek to honor God by donating all tips and a percentage of profit to the Zapatitos in Quillacollo, Bolivia. Customers can read about the history of the Zapatitos (which is Spanish for Shoeshine Boys) from a card on every table in the restaurant, as well as see their pictures on the wall.

Something you offer that a customer won’t find elsewhere: Pulled-pork barbecue that is cooked right out back. Our home fries and french fries are fresh cut everyday. We sell vintage bottled sodas and offer a scenic country atmosphere.

Advice to young entrepreneurs: First and foremost, honor God in all that you do. Never give up on the goals that you’ve set, and always give 100 percent of yourself in everything. And finally, allow yourself a larger learning curve than you thought you would need when starting your business.

Your first job: Working on a farm pulling weeds in a field

Your role model (in business or in life generally): In life and business, my role model is Jesus Christ.

The key to a successful business is: Treat customers as you would want to be treated.