Fireworks galore as Sedley beauty contest heats up

Published 8:22 am Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HUNTERDALE—“Courtney Michelle” Patrick Blythe was the belle of the ball Saturday night, taking home the crown at a rowdy womanless beauty pageant.

About 75 people watched as Brianna “Brian” Whitley, the former queen, passed the crown to Blythe at Hunterdale Elementary School.

Contestants competed in four areas: sportswear, talent, evening wear and questions.

Franklin Mayor Jim Councill, Phyllis Bradshaw and Laurie Brittle had the task of deciding among Blythe, “Brianna” Brian Whitley, “Tina” Travis Carr, “Willemena Priscilla” Thomas Womble, “Lendsey Nichole” Len Turner, “Rebecca” Scott Felts, “Thumper” Julien Johnson and “Hillary Rotten” Travis Felts.

“Several contestants played up to the judges,” said organizer Anne Bryant. “It was a night full of laughs.”

Lendsey Turner gave it her all singing “Strawberry Wine” to Councill “in a blatant attempt to sway the judges,” Bryant said, but Blythe stole the talent portion of the competition, dancing to a wild tune with “her” vacuum cleaner.

“Trying to outdo Lendsey, she offered to clean the mayor’s house,” Bryant said.

During the question portion of the competition, the youngest contestant, “Rebecca” Felts, got the biggest laugh while trying to gain brownie points with one judge.

When asked her question, “Do you believe in love at first sight?” Felts pointed to Councill and said, “Yes I do. I’m in love with that man right there!”

All proceeds from the show went to the Sedley July 4 fireworks.