Remember their service to our country

Published 10:11 am Saturday, June 6, 2009

To the Editor:

We have just passed an important day in May that honored and remembered those who served in the United States Armed Forces and died in that service, as well as the anniversary of D-Day — June 6, 1944. Many lost their lives in that battle, and many survived to go on fighting other WWII battles.

On Saturday we honored both those who are gone and those who survived. We remember their sacrifices and those of their loved ones. War is fought on many fronts at home and abroad. That was true in the past and is still very true today.

I would like to remind the community that the Downtown Franklin Association and Franklin Art & Frameworks have a free ongoing project to honor and thank veterans and active-duty service members. Bring a photo to the frame shop at 221 N. Main St. It will be copied and mounted for hanging in a downtown business window.

Thank you also to the participating businesses. While a few special days throughout the year are set aside to remember those who serve, it is important to remember all of these men and women every day and to acknowledge their sacrifices.

Thank you to those who served and are serving this country. We will not forget you.

Gayle Schmitz