Irritating creations

Published 8:33 am Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why we’d ever need them

I have not a clue.

Those irritating creations

Concocted from a stew.

Consider Poison Ivy

Invader of the skin,

Epidermis enemy

Antagonizing men.

Pesky mosquitoes

Buzzing in your ear,

Bite you for their supper

then somehow disappear.

Cotton-pickin’ Redbugs

Hatch by the batch,

Burrow incognito

As you scratch and scratch and scratch.

Scourge of the pasture,

Its flower makes you whistle.

The farmers know it well

As the Canadian Thistle.

I say, “Forget them!

Let us all be ruthless!

Destroy these creatures in our midst

We decry as useless!”

But wait one sec- who am I

To throw out such derision?

What if one man was bequeathed

With such a great decision?

Suppose such one gazed about

And chose what should not be?

Suppose as he looked around

He fixed his eyes on….me?

Looking at my lot in life

I’m not sure I would stand.

Useless is an apt descript

Most days of me as man.

You know, the cost of Poison Ivy

Is not so bad to pay.

Mosquito’s prick lasts but awhile,

Then it goes away.

Redbugs? Ah — who cares?

Up with chigger power!

Think I’ll just sit here and savor

That Canadian Thistle flower.