OLF surge problem has simple fix

Published 7:30 am Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear Editor:

This is a response to Rear Adm. David Anderson’s guest column in Wednesday’s Tidewater News (“Capacity issues make OLF an absolute requirement”).

If surge is the problem, as Adm. Anderson says, then the solution to this problem is very simple. Simply transfer a couple of squadrons to Cherry Point, N.C., where they are wanted, and another two squadrons to Beaufort, S.C.

Then it will again be a money issue, for Virginia Beach will be complaining about the loss of revenue. They want to get rid of the noise, but keep the revenue that noise brings in.

It will be a savings for the Navy, however, and in today’s economy, that is most important. It is certainly cheaper to move squadrons instead of condemning our farm land and homes and building an OLF.

We want to preserve our rural way of life.

Lynda Updike