They say …

Published 8:46 am Wednesday, May 6, 2009

They say when there’s a ring around the moon you count the stars inside to see how many days until it rains.

They say Bruce Johnson once flew a plane underneath the James River Bridge. This has been heard more than once.

They say if you hold a cow’s tail over his back he can’t kick you, but don’t believe a word of it. I have held the tail of a 500-pound bull caught in a headgate while Jack commenced the start of that most delicate of operations routinely done on bulls. And I have personally seen that bull try to kick the fool out of Jack.

They say there is a Whompus Cat somewhere in the area of the Blackwater River and Carrowaugh Swamp. I have not seen him, but I think I heard him one night.

They say Aaron and YiYi were going down the Blackwater River in a boat and the motor hit a submerged log that tore both the motor and the back of the boat off. Though neither Aaron nor YiYi could swim, they sunk down to the bottom of the river and simply walked out onto dry land.

They say if you chop off a snake’s head he won’t stop moving until the sun goes down.

They say men tend to think more of their daughters than their wives.

Jo Billy said back in the day when carnivals came to town for entertainment, they’d put a monkey and a box in a ring and give any man $100 to get that monkey in the box. Usually that $100 was safe, but a local man got in the ring and made friends with the monkey such that the man got in the box and the monkey came in after him. But the carnival man wouldn’t give him $100. He said you had to wrestle him into that box.

They say a good peanut seed can turn over a brick.

They say it’s harder to keep a row straight than to start one.

Sparky says old Dr. Duck that lived around Walters weighed 600 pounds and is now buried in the Mt. Carmel Church cemetery.