Teens charged as adults in Windsor shooting

Published 7:59 am Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ISLE OF WIGHT—Three Suffolk teens charged in a shooting outside the Windsor School of Dance late last year will be tried as adults.

Ozie Porter, 17, identified by the victim as the gunman in the Dec. 6 shooting, was charged with malicious wounding, wounding in the commission of a felony and discharge of a firearm from a motor vehicle and certified as an adult on Monday, according to Commonwealth’s Attorney Wayne Farmer. The malicious wounding charge carries a maximum sentence of 40 years if convicted, Farmer said.

Isle of Wight Juvenile and Domestic Relations Judge Alfreda Talton-Harris ruled that Porter would be tried as an adult in Circuit Court for allegedly shooting a 17-year-old boy was struck in the upper inner thigh.

The felony charges, along with several misdemeanors, will be considered by a grand jury on Friday.

Last Friday, during preliminary hearings for the three other suspects charged in the same shooting, Judge Robert Brewbaker Jr. certified accessory to malicious wounding charges against Dijon Elliott, Porter’s brother, and Akia Scott, both 17. Elliott and Scott will both be tried as adults. Co-defendant Lamar Elliott also faces misdemeanor charges in the case, Farmer said.

Farmer said the victim, whose name was not released because he is a juvenile, was likely targeted because he testified in a stabbing case against Porter’s relative in Suffolk.

After the testimony, Porter told the victim he was a “dead man walking,” Farmer said.

Farmer said prosecutors believed there were two rival gangs from Suffolk at the birthday party, which was being held at rented space at the Windsor School of Dance.

“There is no suggestion that the victim in this case was a member of either group,” he said.

Farmer said it was hard to tell how many shots were fired outside the party.

“There was certainly other gunfire going on,” he said. “Porter was the only shooter (the victim) could specifically identify at shooting at him twice.”