City officials to run for re-election

Published 7:37 am Friday, May 1, 2009

FRANKLIN—Brenda Rickman and Dinah Babb are running for re-election this November as the city’s commissioner of the revenue and treasurer, respectively.

Voters will decide who will hold both constitutional offices on Nov. 3. The deadline to register to vote in the election is Oct. 5.

Candidates for either seat must file several documents by 7 p.m. June 9.

A statement of organization that includes biographical and contact information about the candidate must be provided to the state Board of Elections. The statement also identifies the candidate’s campaign treasurer, who must be a qualified voter in Virginia, although candidates may serve as their own treasurer. The name of the financial institution where the campaign’s account is located, as well as the name of the campaign committee, must also be disclosed on this form.

The candidates are required to file four additional documents with Franklin General Registrar Sandy Holloman — a certificate of candidate qualification, a declaration of candidacy, a statement of economic interests and petitions of qualified voters. Candidates need the signatures of at least 125 qualified voters in Franklin.

Rickman has been the city’s commissioner of the revenue since 1983, when her predecessor retired. She was appointed by the City Council that January and ran to fill the unexpired term in November. She then ran for re-election in 1985 and every four years after that, making the upcoming election her eighth re-election campaign.

In 2003, Rickman earned her master commissioner of the revenue certification through the University of Virginia.

She said Thursday that she is currently circulating positions for re-election.

“It’s an interesting and very unique job,” Rickman said. “You do something different just about every day. We get to deal with all of the citizens of Franklin. They come in, or they call, concerned about their taxes. And we deal with all kinds of taxes – meals, lodging, cigarettes, sales, state income, personal property, and real estate – all day long. We just like to help people.”

Rickman defeated challenger Christie Trumble of Franklin in 2005, 1,921-481. Trumble, contacted at her home Thursday, said she is not running for the office this year.

Meanwhile, Babb is preparing to run for a second term as city treasurer.

“I’m getting ready to start,” Babb said. “I like the city. The city is a great city to be involved in, and I also like the people. I’m a people person, and the citizens of Franklin are very important to me.”

Babb ran unopposed in 2005.

Asked why voters should re-elect her, Babb said: “I’ve already been in it for four years, so I already have some experience. I’m fairly aware of what’s going on involving the city, and I’ve have 27 years of banking experience prior to running for this position. I feel that I am capable of handling the city’s funds.”