Howe returns to downtown post

Published 8:29 am Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FRANKLIN—Downtown Dan is back to reclaim his name.

After five months working at Narricot Industries LLC in Boykins, Dan Howe has returned as the manager for the Downtown Franklin Association.

His first day back on the job was Monday.

“The good thing is that I can hit the ground running,” Howe, who resigned from his post in December to take a job at Narricot, said Tuesday morning. Howe had previously worked at Narricot for 20 years, but said he missed the rush he got working for the Franklin community.

“I’m thankful that they wanted me back, not just the board but the community,” he said. “They’re both good companies to work for. My decision to come back had nothing to do with Narricot as much as it had to do with my heart being in downtown. There’s a lot of exciting things happening here.”

Howe returns just as the DFA is gearing up to show “Deuce Coupe” on a jumbo screen at Barrett’s Landing, as well as open We Be Jammin’ concert series next month. Day in the Park, co-sponsored with the Franklin Junior Woman’s Club, also is scheduled for May 16.

Howe said he’s glad to back and see the things through that he helped start.

He credits volunteers with seeing those visions through.

“The nice thing about Franklin is that we have a community with a lot of hard-working volunteers,” he said. “They’re not just volunteering for all fun and games, but things that are good for our community. It’s all about providing a better quality of life here.”

Though he left his position with the DFA, Howe continued to serve on the board.

“I didn’t really leave,” he joked.

“We are delighted to have Dan back with us as the DFA Manager,” said Board Member Kathy Worrell. “When he gave his resignation at the end of 2008, the DFA board unanimously voted to have him join our board as a board member. To me, that spoke well of him and validated the good job that he did for the Downtown Franklin Association. It has also helped him keep breast of what is happening in our community, and specifically downtown, which will make the transition back into the manager’s position easier.”

When he decided to apply for his old job, Howe said he went about the old-fashioned way.

“I sent in a cover letter and resume,” he said. “I went through it like I was the new person.”

Howe resides in Franklin with his wife, Betty. They have three sons: Nathan Howe, 33, Michael Duck, 34, and Nicholas Howe, 28.