Chief proud of new license

Published 9:12 am Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To the Editor:

It is a document on an 8 ½ inch by 11 inch piece of paper with very few words and numbers, however its significance to the citizens of the City of Franklin is tremendous. The referenced document is an Emergency Medical Services Agency License.

Franklin Fire and Rescue completed the recertification process on Friday, April 10. Mr. Wayne Berry, EMS program representative for the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services, carried out the EMS agency inspection. The agency inspection is required every two years and the agency must pass the inspection in order to maintain an agency license. The agency license is issued through the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Health.

During the inspection the entire EMS program is evaluated by a thorough records review and an inspection of all licensed EMS vehicles. Franklin Fire and Rescue along with Hunterdale Volunteer Fire Department operate nine vehicles licensed to provide basic life support and advanced life support for both transport and non-transport of patients.

Capt. Terry Bolton and Administrative Assistant Leslie Pearce took the lead to ensure that the agency was ready for the inspection. Their efforts along with the efforts of the remainder of the career staff and several volunteers proved to be very successful. Mr. Berry made the following comments, “Excellent inspection. The agency was well prepared. The equipment was very clean, neat and very well-maintained. The records were in order and also very well maintained. Good job.”

The most significant outcome of the inspection is that Franklin Fire and Rescue was awarded a new license. The new license is proudly displayed on each response vehicle and in the front lobby of the Emergency Services Building and it entitles the members of Franklin Fire and Rescue and Hunterdale Volunteer Fire Department the right to continue to offer high quality basic and advanced life support to the citizens of the City of Franklin and portions of Southampton and Isle of Wight counties.

Vince Holt

Franklin Fire Chief