Stay vigilant, even when things are calm

Published 9:09 am Saturday, April 18, 2009

As the weather gets progressively warmer and people are spending more time outdoors, we would like to encourage our readership to keep a few suggestions in mind:

* Check on any elderly neighbors you may have, to see if they need any assistance with yard work and also to make sure their homes have adequate air conditioning or some other method to stay cool when the weather gets hotter. Offer to pick up their mail or perhaps make a run to the grocery store or the post office for them.

* Several ice cream trucks have already been in our neighborhoods, and more will surely be making the rounds when the weather gets even hotter. Use extreme caution when approaching an ice cream truck, regardless if it is stopped or just traveling down the road.

* If you’re visiting a park and see any garbage or broken glass lying around, try picking up as much of it as you can and dispose of it safely so no one steps on it.

* Also, if you’re in an area and you see sandspurs, let the homeowner or property owner know about them so they can be removed. Sandspurs are a noxious weed, and are very painful to step on or brush up against and can be a health hazard.

* Don’t leave any pets or children in a parked vehicle for any length of time, unless the windows are down to a point to keep the inside cool. Park in the shade when possible.

* When the weather is very hot, avoid working outdoors if possible. Otherwise, take frequent breaks and make sure to drink plenty of water. Remember that soft drinks actually cause your body temperature to rise — water is better.