If man had made the world

Published 8:35 am Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If man had made the world, just how would all things be?

What would it have looked like? What ere’ the recipe?

Come with me, my friend. Let’s climb this lofty tower.

We’ll both pretend that man alone was given all the power.

I venture he’d use blueprints and charge exorbitant fees

He’d probably charge us all some extra just to do the trees.

The colors he would patent; “No use without the right.”

And thus the world for most of us would just be black and white.

No juicy peach or apple, no “land of milk and honey.”

He would fashion all the plants only to grow money.

We’d stuff it in our mattresses and use it to make clothes,

We’d swipe it from our neighbor and say “That’s the way it goes.”

Perhaps we’d have four eyes, there’s so much for us to see,

With two we’d watch the mirror and with two we’d watch TV.

Four legs would be faster; speed is the key!

Then life would be all about increased efficiency.

Cold days and hot days, man would surely discount that;

He would make them all the same and toss the thermostat.

“Away the seasons!” he would say, “These things are of the devil.

No more snow or sultry sun to change our comfort level.”

Would he quell offensive noise, subdue it all? I wonder.

Would we never hear again that great majestic thunder?

Would he say, “Ten thousand plants! Total insanity!

Such a waste to have so many — all you need is three.”

On second thought, as I ponder, honestly I say,

I do not think that I would like our world to be this way.

It seems to me tonight, as I gaze upon a star,

Perhaps it would be best to simply leave things as they are.