City needs to focus on bringing jobs

Published 9:04 am Friday, April 10, 2009

To the Editor:

I heard the report on WLQM radio station from Mayor Jim Councill on the morning show this past Monday on the way home from Suffolk.

I understand the part he said about the gangs in the city limits of Franklin and the proud police department we have.

But what got to me was I didn’t hear him mention anything about the high unemployment rates coming to our fair city in the near future. I’m one of those people who is unemployed now after 35 years of my life of service at ATC Panels, which just shut down its operations in March.

At the age of 58, it is going to be hard to find a good-paying job to support my family.

Now Franklin Equipment Co. has closed. Adding to this is International Paper Co.’s upcoming closure of its lumber mill and sheet-finishing operations.

If the markets are hurting the big guy like IP, then things are getting very bad.

The biggest concern for the city of Franklin, I say, would be to find some business that makes a product good for the economy — like green jobs for the new industrial park beside Money Mailer. For example, the Southampton Industrial Park has more business in it — three to four, I believe.

To add to the mayor’s report from Monday morning about eliminating the so-called gangs and rising crime rates, I think we need to get jobs for our unemployed citizens.

For the city of Franklin, the employment rates need to come up. Get people off the streets and back to work. To be unemployed makes it hard to get back to live the life you had.

Because of changes that will take place in their lifestyle, sometimes people turn to a life of crime.

Unemployment, in most cases, doesn’t pay the money you receive from your former job and you lose your benefits like health care, 401(k) or retirement plan and any other benefits you may have.

H. D. Boone