Headline seemed biased

Published 2:07 am Saturday, April 4, 2009

To the Editor:

In the March 20 edition of The Tidewater News, the article “Board hires schools chief” was well-written and included pertinent information about Franklin’s new superintendent.

However, on page A7, the article was continued with a different headline: “Superintendent: Board hires woman to run schools.”

Why should it matter to the TN if a superintendent is a woman? Had a man been hired would TN have the headline read “Board hires man to run schools?” I think not. For a paper to have received 13 press awards, I was surprised at TN allowing prejudice and inequalities against women in their paper. I am not a feminist by any means, but, as a professional, I believe in equality for all no matter their race, gender or circumstances.

Maybe a better headline should have been: “Board hires new superintendent.” In retrospect, I am hoping that the TN will consider better proofing of their articles and headlines to make sure the intent is not to show prejudice or inequality in any way, form or fashion toward any person, regardless of their gender.

Anita Harris


Editor’s note: We’re sorry if the headline, which was written by a woman, came across as biased or sexist. The word “woman” was merely used as a modifier, not to display prejudice.