Thanks to those who brought theater to schools

Published 9:49 am Friday, April 3, 2009

To the Editor:

It has been my pleasure and privilege over the past two weeks to witness the Virginia Stage Co.’s Emerging Artist Ensemble in action. Watching them conduct workshops and present innovative, engaging productions of “1001 Arabian Nights: the Story of Aladdin” and “Romeo and Juliet” for students in Franklin, I was impressed not only by their professionalism and expertise, but by their genuine desire to share their art with children who do not often get the opportunity to enjoy live theatre. These exceptional people and programs are not merely entertaining, they are planting artistic seeds in young people that will blossom for years to come.

The performances in Franklin were made possible through a grant from Franklin Southampton Charities. We are indeed fortunate in this area to have philanthropic organizations such as Franklin Southampton Charities, the Elms Foundation and Franklin City Educational Foundation which are concerned with the welfare and enrichment of this community and its children. I applaud the people behind the scenes of those organizations who work tirelessly and without recognition to enhance the quality of our lives. I don’t say it enough, but I am, indeed, grateful for your work and generosity.

Ken Raybuck