Video shows unusual punishment for dog

Published 8:15 am Wednesday, April 1, 2009

IVOR—A woman who runs a private dog kennel near Ivor is facing a misdemeanor charge of failure to bury or cremate an animal after another woman filmed a bizarre video of a dog on her property with a dead chicken tied around its neck.

But Patricia Kinlaw says the woman who made the video was trespassing on her property, made the video without her knowledge, and took exception to a Hampton Roads television news station’s reporting of the event.

“I’m really disgusted with the whole thing,” Kinlaw said Tuesday. “It was not reported properly to begin with. My side of the story was not told. These people had no business being on the property and they had no business videotaping.”

The video is on the Web site of WAVY-TV. In the video, a large gray dog named Athena is seen standing at a fence with a dead chicken tied around its neck.

Kinlaw is charged in Southampton County General District Court with failure to bury or cremate an animal, a Class 4 misdemeanor. She is scheduled to appear in court at 1p.m. on April 21.

Southampton County Sheriff’s Office Det. Corporal Richard Morris said the misdemeanor charge carries a maximum fine of $250.

Kinlaw alleges that on March 20, Donna Wiley of Hampton came onto her property and made the video because of a long-running dispute involving three great danes that Kinlaw said Wiley adopted from her and then allegedly abandoned.

Kinlaw admits tying a dead chicken around Athena’s neck, but said she had a good reason for doing so. According to Kinlaw, Athena killed 23 chickens on her property. The chickens were mostly between four and six months old, cost between $5 and $10 apiece and were purchased about three weeks ago.

“Around here, farmers will shoot a dog that chases their livestock,” Kinlaw said. “The only way that I know of to cure a dog from killing chickens is to do what an old farmer once told me. You take the chicken and you tie it around the dog’s neck. The dog gets disgusted with the scent of the chicken, and after that they don’t want to have anything to do with chickens.”

She added, “If that didn’t work, they would shoot them.”

Kinlaw said she tied the chicken around Athena’s neck and then left home to go to a local feed store. She alleges that while she was away, Wiley and her husband came onto her property and made the video.

“They knew the access code to my gate,” Kinlaw said. “They let themselves in. They were trespassing.”

Kinlaw said the Wileys were still on her property when she returned.

“They didn’t say anything to me, except to ask why (the chicken) was there,” Kinlaw said.

Kinlaw alleges the Wileys notified authorities about the incident, since animal control officers were at her property early the next morning and ordered her to remove the dead chicken from Athena’s neck.

“I’m not a public facility,” Kinlaw said. “(The Wileys) had no business being here. And they videotaped it without my knowledge.”

Wiley could not be reached for comment.

The incident is not the first time Kinlaw has allegedly run afoul of the law.

Southampton County General District Court records indicate Kinlaw also faces six additional misdemeanor charges — under the name Patricia Cohan-Kinlaw — stemming from an incident on June 27, when county authorities served a search warrant at her home and found 22 unlicensed dogs. She is charged with not having a license to operate a kennel, failure to secure valid licenses for the 22 dogs, general animal cruelty, two charges of inadequate animal care and operating a pet shop without offering adequate care.

Prosecutors dropped two charges — failure to care for animals and failure to provide adequate veterinary care when needed, both Class 4 misdemeanors — on Feb. 24. She is scheduled to appear in court on the other charges at 1 p.m. on April 28. Defense attorney Michael Eberhardt of Suffolk is representing Kinlaw.

Kinlaw disputed the WAVY-TV report that Athena was “shaken, stiff and scared.”

“She’s fine,” Kinlaw said. “She’s in and out of the house.”

Click here to watch the video.