Nineteen hard things

Published 9:17 am Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Apologizing without using the word “but”

Opening that bag in a new box of cereal

Getting picked last for the baseball team in fifth-grade P.E.

Watching as your best friend starts dating your sibling

Waiting for those blue lights approaching in your rear view mirror to pass you. And they don’t.

Putting your child on the school bus for the first time

Walking across a crowded dance floor when you’re 16 to ask a girl to dance and she says no and you have to walk all the way back

Childbirth (so they tell me)

Sleeping in an empty bed after 20 years of marriage

Not fantasizing about the way you wish life was

Watching that July thunderstorm go just to the north of your rolled-up corn crop

Complimenting the person who has taken your position — and meaning it

Watching your father grow old

Leaning over and kissing her in complete darkness without missing

Accepting criticism

Growing up

Watching all your friends getting married when you have nothing on the horizon

Not thinking you’re always right

Not thinking you’re always wrong