Busy board

Published 9:50 am Saturday, March 21, 2009

By most accounts, it was a busy and exciting night for the Franklin School Board on Thursday.

Besides announcing its choice for superintendent, the board voted to raise the grade point average requirement for students participating in extracurricular activities to 2.0

The GPA vote has been a hot-button issue, and the board’s move seemed to please both sides.

Though the standard was raised to 2.0, students who are struggling won’t be left on the sidelines. All high school students will be given two waivers during their scholastic career — eight semesters — which they can use if their GPA slips below 2.0 during one semester. The waivers may be taken at the discretion of the student.

“I think that having the academic standard of a 2.0 is widely accepted. Having the waiver situation gives you opportunities to reach down and help those kids who might be a little bit below where you want them to be,” Assistant Superintendent Rick Clemons said after the vote.

As for the new superintendent, we’re excited to welcome Dr. Michelle Rich Belle, a school administrator in Cumberland County, to Franklin on April 20.

We have high hopes for Dr. Belle, as do so many of Franklin’s residents.

When the time comes, we’ll have lots of questions for her, too.

Stay tuned.