He wants citizens to rise up against taxes, bureaucracy

Published 8:16 am Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It is with great anguish that I write this column, as it seems a great sickness has befallen us, as if the sky is falling and we are asking who can help stop it.

In this case it is not the hypothetical sky falling, but it is our country as we know it. It has been just a short time since our new president has taken office, though with the magnitude of initiatives put forth, it would seem we have a well-seasoned veteran at the helm.

Billions of tax dollars have been put forth on bailouts of which we know little details but are ensured we must rush to fruition due to a major calamity soon to happen if we delay. This was represented by a large portion of our tax dollars at stake to rescue private companies that failed through their own mismanagement.

All the while the “stimulus” is plugged to the hilt with all the Democrat initiatives of the last 10 years. In case you didn’t know that, well, you should contact a lobbyist because they had the stimulus bill in their hands before our elected legislators did.

Mandatory government-funded health care? It is included. What this has to do with stimulus? Better write to your local representative.

The genius of such is while everyone has their mind on the stimulus package, Democrats slip in separate legislation to repeal term limits for chief executives (presidents) and reintroduce the Fairness Doctrine to impose statutory rights on private companies to express the views of their opponents. An example would be something like letting Pepsi air its views at the end of a Coke commercial.

And there is another movement to increase the bureaucracy to own a firearm to astronomical limits where the everyday law-abiding citizen would be impaired versus the criminal, who still proceeds to the nearest corner to purchase guns.

Citizens, in case you take the latter to be less serious, bear in mind without such we, as a country, would have never made a stand at Lexington or Concord if these were enacted by British Parliament at the time. These are fundamental principles of our great nation; do not let them be taken away.

Next on deck is a bailout for home mortgages for those who bought more than they could afford? Well let’s all stop paying our mortgages. Why not?

Where’s the enforcement of discipline? And lawmakers also are considering a tax on the miles you drive. In a nation like America, where individual access to self transportation is vital, now we look into the crevice for a new tax.

My goodness. Wake up.

We do not have to sit by holding our hands cupped in prayer watching the wheeling and dealing pass us by.

No! Certainly we do not.

We must take what action an everyday citizen can make. Let your voices be heard.

Write to your representatives, whether it be local, state or national, and tell them how you feel. It is your right.