Anxious in Alabama

Published 9:25 am Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dear Rex,

I understand you give advice. Here is my problem.

I met “Jimmy” three years ago and could not believe how we were made for each other. Time does not exist when we are together. We like the same songs and the same foods. And get this: We both like the colors blue and green! Can you believe it? I never knew what love was until we met.

Well, for some reason, my friends don’t like him. He’s been in trouble a few times, but everyone makes mistakes. And he needs me. It’s so nice to feel wanted. I drive him to his friend’s house and over to his mom’s and down to the mall. He tells me all the places he’s going to take me when he gets his license back and all the things he’s going to buy me when he gets a job. He says one day he’ll pay for the gas and he’ll buy the groceries and we’ll get a house with a dog and a picket fence and a front porch with a swing.

And when he’s not drinking, he is the sweetest thing. The other night, he started talking about an uncle of his in Seattle and made me laugh until my sides hurt.

And his smile. He’s got these cute little dimples that pop out when he looks at me a certain way. When our eyes meet? It just takes my breath away!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that Jimmy has a few bad habits. He might not come home some nights or get mad and not talk to me for a few days. But who’s perfect? Besides, I’m sure I can change some of those little things after awhile. I know in my heart there’s nothing love can’t fix.

My friends say Jimmy is controlling. Just because he wants to know where I’ve been and who was that on the phone and what I buy. But I think it just shows that he cares! Why else would he be so concerned about me?

Even though his mom doesn’t like me that much, I don’t care. It’s Jimmy I’m marrying. She might not think I’m good enough for her boy, but she’ll see one day. She’ll come around. I just know she will.

Rex, I saved the best part for last. Three months ago, Jimmy asked me to marry him! I was thrilled! He got down on one knee and everything. He promised to pay me back for the ring after we’re married.

Which brings me to my dilemma. We plan to marry this June and we’re trying to decide on the color of the dresses for the bridesmaids. His mom and my mom are not speaking to each other, so I’ve come to you. Should they wear blue or should they wear green?- Anxious in Alabama

Dear Anxious: Though blue or green would look gorgeous, I suggest they wear black. It seems to better fit the occasion.