Tessa C. Blow

Published 8:44 am Saturday, March 7, 2009

Name: Tessa C. Blow

Age: 48

Occupation and title: I manage the Title I computer lab at S.P. Morton Elementary School in Franklin.

Spouse’s name: George W. Blow Jr.

Children: Tamara, 25; Kevin (Buddy) 20; Amanda, 19; three stepchildren, Patrice, 28; George (Bug), 25; Devin, 7

Church: Eternal Life Church, Franklin

If I could change my name, it would be: My name was chosen just for me, so I wouldn’t change it.

Pet I’d like to own: I would own an aquarium full of exotic fish.

People say the older I get the more: I favor my mother.

I never miss: HGTV design shows

The secret to happiness is: Striving to make every day count by helping others, loving ones family and friends and getting a good night’s rest.

I wish I knew how to: use carpentry tools and build furniture

I love to: sing gospel music

Books currently on my nightstand are: my Bible and a cookbook

My most recent trip: Touring our nation’s capital in Washington, D.C.

Favorite color: I love all bright colors, but yellow is at the top of the list.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learned, and who taught you? My parents taught me to treat others the way I want to be treated. Marrying my husband, George, is the best decision I have ever made.

What gives you the blues? I feel disturbed when young people take their lives for granted. Tomorrow is not promised to you and life is just too short to throw it away on foolish things.