Online reader offers suggestions for paper

Published 8:24 am Saturday, February 28, 2009

To the Editor:

I used to live in Franklin and grew up there as a kid. Now that I have been away for over 20 years, I still keep up with my hometown by reading the paper online.

I used to subscribe, but it was taking the paper so long to get to me. That’s when I start reading it online.

My concern is that for some articles (It’s Happening Here, Faith & Worship) they are still the same after weeks at a time.

I would like to see more of Franklin’s Know Your Neighbor printed each week, instead of running the same information over again.

You also were highlighting a different pastor and his church. What happened to that? I would love to see something on Bishop S.D. Willis, Bishop Clinton Scott, Pastor Kenneth Ricks, Pastor Donald Johnson, Pastor Evelyn Square, Franklin High School Principal Sam Jones or some new young person that’s making something out of his or her life other than standing on the street corners of Franklin.

Franklin has changed so drastically. Make the paper exciting and interesting for the reader.

How about Skeeter Deloatch (who is now deceased) and Donald Bridges? Do an interesting article on them and their service to Franklin as dedicated servants to the community.

Teresia Smith

Wappingers Falls, N.Y.