City residents need to fight higher trash fees

Published 8:47 am Friday, February 20, 2009

To the Editor:

Our community and nation is in financial crises. We are all struggling to pay our monthly bills and our City Council votes unanimously to increase our trash fees by $15 a month effective Feb. 26 to put in an escrow account “just in case?”

This increase is absolutely unacceptable. Is the council not aware that many of our citizens are unemployed from plant closures and slowdowns?

This money needs to stay in the pockets of the citizens until the issue with the SPSA is resolved.

I agree with Kim Kreider (“Residents aren’t ‘morally responsible for SPSA”, Sun. Feb. 15). SPSA has issues of its own making, and we certainly do not have a “moral obligation” to it. I believe SPSA has a moral responsibility to the areas it serves.

The citizens should have a say regarding this increase before the decision is made. So, citizens, get off your butts and let your voices be heard.

Contact your council member, other council members and the mayor immediately, before this $15 is added to your trash fee on Feb. 26. You know if this increase is added, it will never be refunded or removed.

Betty Carter