OLF issues should concern all citizens

Published 8:10 am Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last week, meetings were held in Southampton, Surry and Sussex counties to update citizens on what is currently taking place with the proposed Outlying Landing Field.

I was extremely disappointed with the lack of support shown by the Southampton County Board of Supervisors. Southampton County Administrator Mike Johnson was in attendance at the Southampton meeting, but not the first member of the board was there. Thanks, Mike, for your continued support.

As a citizen, neighbor or friend of these counties, you should be concerned about the proposed OLF because of the following:

Effect of noise on humans and animals

Loss of tax base; decrease in revenue

Decrease in property value

Restrictions on land use

Increased taxes

Socioeconomic impact

Environmental concerns

Loss of prime farmland

Preservation of historical sites and integrity of historical structures

Destruction of cemeteries and Native American burial grounds

Loss of a peaceful and quiet quality of life

How can you help? Write to your elected representatives, volunteer your talents and put up “NO OLF” signs.

For more information, go to www.novaolf.com, or call (800) 517-5271.

The Navy will release the first draft of its “Environmental Impact Statement” in just a few more months. The affected localities will have 30 days to respond. The final EIS report will be released between July and April 2010.

I am extremely thankful for the freedoms I have and am grateful to the military members for all their sacrifices that have been made so we might live in this wonderful country.

Virginians Against the OLF do not object to a landing field. We believe the Navy should use property it already has. It is our hope that the Navy and Congress will thoroughly examine and consider all aspects of this proposal and decide to use an existing, vacated or under-utilized military base capable of supporting this mission-critical operation instead of asking us to give up our homes, land and peaceful lives.

I personally hope the Navy will send several squadrons to Cherry Point, N.C., since they want the additional planes and it might eliminate the need for an additional OLF.

Do not wait until you are forced to give up your lifestyle. Voice your opinion now.