Residents aren’t ‘morally responsible’ for SPSA

Published 8:06 am Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dear Editor:

Please tell me that Mr. Taylor Williams did not say that we have a “moral obligation” to the Southeastern Public Service Authority(“Trash fees on the rise,” Wednesday, Feb. 11). Please.

I have had a tremendous respect for Mr. Williams for years, but I could not more fundamentally disagree with that statement.

SPSA is a mess and has failed in its role as a government body to effectively serve the people. I’m not morally responsible for years of SPSA failed leadership and mismanagement. I’m not morally responsible for the city of Suffolk paying $0 in tipping fees. I’m not morally responsible that Virginia Beach pays fees significantly less than Franklin.

And now, in a time when everyone is struggling financially, the city wants to raise rates in advance just in case the cost goes up and maybe provide a refund later. That is absolutely wrong. At a time our government is trying to stimulate the economy by providing more funds, our city is taking money “just in case.”

Where is the moral responsibility? The fundamental mismanagement of SPSA is neither moral nor responsible — but on the verge of criminal.

Please don’t preach to me about moral responsibility. The action by our city council is morally reprehensible.

Kim Kreider