She’s a sweetie

Published 8:10 am Friday, February 13, 2009

I’m not usually given to sentimentality when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

All that has changed now that I have met a person for whom I must publicly and gleefully profess my love.

But, I can’t be greedy here, however tempting it may be. It turns out that this person is the subject of much mushy devotion here at The Tidewater News. We all love her.

Mrs. A* stops in our Armory Drive office each week with delicate and scrumptious treats for our staffers. And, like a pack of rabid wolves, we pounce on those white, Styrofoam containers from Heaven and gobble up every morsel inside. I’m not naming names, but I think I once saw someone lick the inside of the container.

Some days, Mrs. A blesses us with brownies or Coca-Cola cake or chocolate-covered peanuts or sweet potato muffins. Whatever it is, it is always, always delicious.

Mrs. A doesn’t stick around to see us fight over the last crumbs in the container. She’s usually out the door fast — on her way, I assume, to make another delivery.

So, lest she ever be in doubt as to our affinity for her, we’re using this space to put it on the record on this day before Valentine’s Day.

Mrs. A’s ooey-gooey, scrumptious treats keep us sugared up and happy. That alone might be enough for one (or, in this case, all) to fall in love with her. But, this lovely woman also is kind, soft-spoken, unassuming and loyal. It’s always a pleasure to see her — and not just because she comes bearing gifts.

Here are some Valentine’s from fellow staffers to Mrs. A:

“I hate it when I miss her visits. There’s never a crumb left.” — Cynthia Britt

“Cherries are red, some berries are blue, you make us all kinds of goodies, and that’s why we love you. (The brownies were especially delicious).”

— Michelle Stainback

“Her kindness honestly shows through her baking. Mrs. A, thank you so much for sharing your treats with us.” — Mitzi Lusk

“With so many great cooks in the area, it is hard to really stand out. Unless, of course, you are Mrs. A. Wow. Her home-baked goodies are second-to-none. I can’t think of a single thing she has brought to the office that didn’t just melt in your mouth. Thank you for all the delicious treats.” — Betty Ramsey

“There aren’t enough kind words to describe Mrs. A. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She gives you that nurturing kind of feeling like your mom does. She always stops by the office and bring us her delectable desserts. She certainly takes care of us.” — Retta Lomax

“I usually miss out on the food part (these people are animals), so I appreciate Mrs. A for the wonderful person she is.” — Charlie Passut

Thanks for everything, Mrs. A.

Will you be our Valentine?

* This name has been “disguised.” She’s ours and you can’t have her.