Crime is only going to get worse

Published 8:37 am Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This is in regards to the article written in The Tidewater News with comments by Franklin Police Chief Hardison about crime in Franklin. (“Chief: Drugs driving crime,” Friday, Jan. 30) He says they know they have a problem and he says “given the resources we have I am confident our members are doing everything they can do.” Hello. You never do all you can do; there is always room for improvement, in anybody’s job.

One instance, my daughter’s car was broken into Jan. 29. A window was broken and the door was damaged and must be replaced. Police did nothing, filled out report, took no prints, in other words said “oh well.” She has tried calling them three times and as of Saturday no returned calls.

Crime is bad in Franklin as everywhere, but I used to carry morning papers, picked them up in Franklin at 3:30 a.m. I saw police sitting in the middle of the shopping center with the light on their faces from playing with computers, or whatever. I have seen them reading newspapers, hanging at service stations, leaning on cabs, talking three and four hours at the time.

Chief Hardison needs to get out of his nice warm bed and check on things. Chief, have you worked the 3 to 11 shift lately, night shift? Southampton police supervisors do.

Wake up, people, crime is only going to get worse. You have to be aware of things going on around you all the time. Times have changed and it looks like it is for the worse.

Reginald Vaughan