H. Ellis Crum

Published 2:53 pm Friday, January 16, 2009

Name:  H. Ellis Crum

Age:  42

Occupation:  Current Force Analyst with HQ US Army TRADOC, G-7 Advanced Concepts

Spouse’s Name:  Phyllis Crum

Secret to Happiness:  Understanding who God made me to be so I can do what He called me to do

Three Words to describe me:  Intense, passionate and committed

My life won’t be complete until: My heartsong has sung its last chorus

My Friends think that I’m too: Giving to those who cannot see beyond their present circumstances into the future that is full of hope and dreams

Favorite Pro Sports Team: The Dallas Cowboys

What’s the best life lesson you’ve learned, and who taught you? I learned in the Army that you never let what you know (facts, history or tradition) interfere with what you believe (faith).

Which local charitable organization do you wish more people would support?  The Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Virginia, Franklin unit

Best Childhood memory?  My father watching me play baseball. Whether I was the scrub or the all-star, he was always there cheering me on.

I really lose my cool when: People see an injustice and don’t have the courage to stand up against it or when people know what is right, but for the sake of peace will not speak up. I really lose my cool with cowards.

I really lose my cool when: people who are suppose to know better, don’t do better.  For example, educators who think that a 1.25 GPA is acceptable. I also lose my cool when churches and church leaders are too self-absorbed to demand justice for people or too scared to take on the gangs and/or drug dealers in the community.