Citizens concerned about possible road closing

Published 8:09 am Wednesday, December 31, 2008

As a resident of Seacock Chapel Road, I am very concerned about the recent discussion to close a portion of Route 622, or New Road.

There are many things to take into consideration before closing a public road that many citizens and taxpayers use on a daily basis.

I certainly understand the concerns regarding the safety of the children from Tucker Swamp Baptist Church. Those children, and all other children participating in any activity at the church, should have supervision when crossing from one side to the other — the roadway is not a playground — however, there are safety concerns to consider before partially closing this area.

First and foremost, all fire and rescue for the residents of “this” end of Seacock Chapel Road, as well as Tucker Swamp Baptist Church, will be affected as emergency vehicles originate from Ivor and use New Road to reach the residents of this area.

The emergency vehicles would have to be re-routed down Tucker Swamp Road, wasting valuable time when trying to respond to an emergency situation. Time is of the utmost importance when such a tragedy occurs — not to mention the financial implications that this project would require.

This is not — and should not be — a political decision. All citizen concerns should be taken into consideration.

I share the same concerns as our representatives do; however satisfying some to shortcut public safety doesn’t seem to be the proper thing to do when the economy is at an all-time-low.

The money and resources required to complete this project could and should be spent on more important things that would benefit all county citizens.

William Rhodes