‘Evil’ Santa letter was offensive

Published 4:13 am Friday, December 26, 2008

To the Editor:

Every year I love reading the letters to Santa. The other day, as I was finishing the many and cute letters, I came across a very disturbing letter by a young girl. She said that she was evil and she would not receive anything that she asked for for Christmas.

But, the worst part was that she said “I don’t care” and might as well ask for world peace; even the good kids won’t be able to receive that.

I don’t understand this thought. Was this a joke of some kind?

If so, it was in poor taste to put it in a public paper where other children could read it or have it displayed for mothers wanting to save the page with their child’s letter next to it.

Young lady, you have a lot to learn about life. True, life is hard with the economy and so forth going on at this time. There are people in our country who have a lot less than you. Do you see them crying out that this is unfair? No. We do not get what we want all the time. But should we? No.

Christmas is not the season for all this gift giving and wanting. It is the season for love that comes from our hearts that Jesus gave to us.

Apparently, that is what is missing from your life: Jesus!

If you want anything in this life, you have to work for it. Things are not handed to you. Our new president has even stated that one must work at his/her dreams to fulfill them. Why are you so convinced that your parents owe you anything more than a place to live, meals on the table, and an education? Hopefully, a lot of love, too. And who has convinced you that you are evil?

Please, look into a church or a charity where you could volunteer.

You could even find someone nearby who would enjoy a smile or a kind word. That means more to folks than all the gifts or money in the world. If every one of us did this, then we could achieve world peace.

Santa may start the magic, but it is up to you and me to carry it out with the love of Jesus. This is the real reason for the season.

Patsy Old


Editor’s note: Michelle Stainback, author of the referenced letter to Santa, said it was intended to be tongue-in-cheek. We sincerely apologize to readers who were offended.