Capron kids get bikes for high marks

Published 3:54 am Friday, December 26, 2008

CAPRON—For the second year in a row, the Sturdifen and Wyche Foundation has given bicycles to several students at Capron Elementary School in recognition of their high marks on the state’s Standards of Learning test.

The students took the SOL test last year, and are now all at the next highest grade level. The names of the students who did the best on the SOL test were drawn at random for the bikes. Last year, the foundation awarded three bikes, but this year they awarded four.

The Sturdifen and Wyche families have been making the donations to the school in memory of their mother, Eunice Wyche, who was the school’s first cafeteria worker and secretary of the PTO.

This year’s winners are third grader Mia Thomas, fifth graders Isiah Price and Sierra Banister, and sixth grader Tiara Wiggins. Since Tiara Wiggins was now at Southampton Middle School, her sister, Kayla, was on-hand to accept the bike for her.

“We’re so proud of what you’re doing with the SOL,” said Capron Supervisor Moses Wyche. “We want to commend you all for the great job that you are doing here.”

Wyche also briefly spoke about the continuing effort to eventually construct a new elementary school in the Capron area.

“I wish I could tell you that it’s going to be next year, but I know I can’t say that because everyone is feeling the crunch,” Wyche said. “But it’s in the making.” He added that the county school board and the Board of Supervisors “have not forgotten you … a new school is forthcoming.”

Capron Elementary School opened its doors in 1955, and Wyche was one of its first graduates.

“To have in your hearts, and to do what you don’t have to do, is just a phenomenal act of kindness on your behalf,” Sandra Pettigrew, the principal of Capron Elementary, told the assembled students and members of the Sturdifen and Wyche families.

“This (idea) started with (Eric Sturdifen’s) sister Erica,” Pettigrew said. “She decided that this person in her life, her grandmother (Eunice Wyche), was so profound and so important that they should continue to be a part of Capron Elementary, a place that she loved so much. We thank you out of the kindness of our hearts, and look forward to embracing you in the future.”