Gunfire reportedly wounds two

Published 12:55 am Saturday, December 20, 2008

FRANKLIN—Two men were shot in an attempted robbery on Cobb Street late Thursday night.

According to Lt. Tim Whitt, the shooting took place near midnight. When officers arrived on the scene, located about 10 to 15 yards north of South Street, they discovered that two Franklin men, ages 28 and 49, had been shot.

The victims reportedly told police that they had been approached from behind by two suspects wearing dark clothing. One of the suspects displayed a gun, and then both of the suspects demanded money. The victims reportedly told the suspects that they did not have anything and turned to run when they were shot.

Whitt said the 49-year-old victim received two gunshot wounds to his thigh and was treated and released from Southampton Memorial Hospital. The 28-year-old victim received a gunshot wound to his back. Whitt said the second victim received initial treatment at Southampton Memorial Hospital, but because of the severity of his injuries he was transferred to a hospital in Norfolk.

Police scanner transmissions through the Southampton County Sheriff’s Office said the suspects were also reportedly wearing masks. Whitt confirmed Friday that, according to the victims, “at least one of the suspects was wearing a white mask.”

Shortly after the shooting, paramedics were observed assisting one of the victims inside an ambulance parked at the intersection of Bracey Street and Maplewood Avenue, one block west of Cobb Street. A paramedic vehicle and three police cruisers from Southampton County were also on the scene. A crowd of about 10 people stood on the front lawn of a house on Bracey, watching police and emergency personnel.

Whitt said Southampton County deputies were asked to deploy in the area until more city police could arrive. Also, a K9 unit from Suffolk was involved in the investigation after the shooting.

According to Whitt, police recovered some evidence from the crime scene but did not find any shell casings.

The caliber of the weapon used in the shooting was not known.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call Franklin Crime Solvers at (757) 562-8599.