Support your community by shopping at home

Published 10:32 pm Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Franklin-Southampton Area Chamber of Commerce urges you to shop at home this holiday season and do your part to stimulate the local economy.

Retailers comprise a significant segment of the local economy, and when they prosper, we all prosper. Dollars that circulate in the local economy have a ripple effect since these businesses are owned by local people and employ residents from this community.

They are the ones who support worthwhile projects in Franklin-Southampton. Local business people give their valuable time and serve on boards, committees and task forces to improve the quality of life in your community. They provide door prizes for charitable events and ante up to support our local schools by participating in all sorts of projects ranging from car washes to buying space in programs for athletic teams. They pay taxes.

It is also worth noting that a portion of the state sales taxes generated in this community are returned to local governments to help finance services to its residents … us. So when it comes to shopping at home and supporting your local merchants, it is clearly in your own best interests. Do it because you can buy it here. Do it because you have a sense of community pride. Just please do it.

Every dollar we keep at home goes to provide jobs for you, your friends and your neighbors. If there is any single thing we can do as individuals to stimulate our local economy, it’s shopping at home.

Teresa Beale, executive director

Chamber of Commerce