Don’t forget charities

Published 9:11 pm Friday, December 5, 2008

The heartbreaking irony of a bad economy is that charitable organizations are among the hardest hit.

In a time when charities’ services are more needed than ever, most are seeing a sharp decline in donations.

When wealthy Americans are seeing their retirement funds ravaged by the stock-market collapse and the middle class is worried about job security, it’s easy to forget those who are less fortunate. Remember this, though: No matter how bad one’s plight in life, someone out there has it worse.

The people of Western Tidewater have a long track record of generosity. Our news pages are filled each week with opportunities for our readers to support worthy causes. From hugely successful Relay for Life fundraisers for cancer research to the Franklin-Southampton United Way’s annual campaign, local folks give to a degree that you wouldn’t think possible in a small community.

Living up to that generous reputation gets tougher in a difficult economy, but we encourage our readers to dig deep this holiday season and keep giving.

The savior whose birth we celebrate with much pageantry and revelry this time of year is our best role model. Let us all heed his command to care for the least among us. We’ll be blessed by the experience.