Trading places

Published 10:04 pm Thursday, December 4, 2008

My friend Rebecca and I have a debate raging.

I’m wishing I could lie around all day like she does.

She’s wishing she could get up, hop in the car and head to Target without asking her doctor first.

Rebecca has been on strict bed rest — that means out of bed only to go to the bathroom — for about 21 of the 32 weeks she has been pregnant with twins.

It sounds like a cushy life. Sit in bed, have people bring you everything you need, watch all the “Oprah” and “Desperate Housewives” you can handle and waste the day away while you concentrate on baking two little buns. I’m jealous — not for the pregnancy part because I am so done with that — but for the rest.

Of course, there are down sides … like not showering every time you feel like it or having to spend most of those bed rest days in the hospital. Rebecca’s husband, George, and son, Luukas, visit when they can, but it’s probably pretty confusing to a 4-year-old to see your mom laid up and unable to move.

Oh, and for a woman whose hair always looks perfectly coiffed, I guess waiting six months for highlights and a style would pretty much stink. I forgot about that, too.

“I really want to go to the movies and have a special day with Luukas and not get shots anymore or ever eat hospital food again,” Rebecca told me last night.

“I really want to sit around in my pajamas, not worry about rough drafts or deadlines and check into a bed and breakfast for the rest of my life,” I countered.

So far, Rebecca was winning the debate. If we were being judged, I wouldn’t even get a participation ribbon.

I selfishly dream of lying in bed for one full day with no little fingers tugging at my comforter, no thoughts in my head, no appointments to get to, no errands to run.

None of my dreams ever include weekly shots of progesterone or seeing doctors more than I see my husband.

Sounds more like a nightmare, actually.

The good part is that Rebecca is really close to waking up — really, really close.

Pretty soon a sweet little boy and girl will add themselves to her family of three. And Rebecca might even look back on those days in bed and long for them again — at least the part where she gets some sleep.