Commenting on case not necessary at this time

Published 9:59 pm Thursday, December 4, 2008

To the Editor:

The Urquhart-Gillette Camp No. 1471 Inc. Sons of Confederate Veterans wishes to express their gratitude to Southampton County Sheriff Vernie Francis, Detectives Richard Morris and Jack Stutts and others of the Southampton County Sheriff’s Department for their hard investigative work on the June desecration of Maj. Joseph Ezra Gillette’s grave.

While the local media are reporting a story concerning three arrests in this investigation, the Urquhart-Gillette Camp No. 1471 Inc. will continue to monitor the situation but feels no other comments are necessary at this time in light of the fact that the Sheriff Department’s investigation is still ongoing.

The investigators have done an outstanding job. They are to be commended for their hard work. We, indeed, hope those responsible for this crime are caught, tried in a court of law and punished for what they did wrong in accordance with the law.

But, to comment further, we feel at this point, would not serve what still is an ongoing investigation.

Tommy Simmons

Camp commander