Kindergartners learn ABCs with a twist

Published 11:35 pm Thursday, November 13, 2008

FRANKLIN—Teacher Cherie Karmilovich usually likes to do something creative to help her kindergartners learn their ABCs.

For example, the 20-year teaching veteran had her S.P. Morton Elementary students juice apples to learn ‘A’ and shoot silly string to learn ‘S’.

Karmilovich takes pictures of the activities and compiles an alphabet book for the kids.

This year, the teacher was inspired to have the 15 children in her class pose as every letter of the alphabet.

They would come in each day ready to work, she said.

“The kids loved looking at themselves and were extremely cooperative and let me pose them and bend them any way I needed to,” she said. “They loved being in the pictures. They were looking at the photos I had already taken, so they understood what I was trying to do. They were very eager to make the letters.”

Karmilovich has the entire alphabet on display on a school hallway poster, much like how they are laid out on Page B1.

The teacher is known for her interactive style.

“Kindergarten is so much fun and it should be,” she said.