Animal lover wishes to be remembered with gift to organization

Published 12:23 am Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barbara B. Jones of Franklin will forever be remembered for her love of cats. She was originally from Chrisfield, Md., but made Franklin her home in 1961.

She has loved cats since childhood and had many cats throughout the years. She passed her love of cats down to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Some of her cats were pets, but others were extra special to her — not cats but furry children.

Barbara Jones treated her cats as family and took in many that would otherwise not have had a home of their own.

Jones treated her cats so well that a neighbor would tell people that if there really is a such a thing as reincarnation that she wanted to come back as a cat and belong to Barbara.

Barbara Jones enjoyed the simple things in life such as flowers, birds, having a garden, watching a sunset and sitting on the porch swing with her cats.

Her favorite time of the day was sunrise. When an eye disease left her legally blind, she was no longer able to enjoy some of her daily activities such as reading, watching television, cooking for her family and fixing photograph books.

Her cats became her constant companions and helped her complete daily routines. The cats would help let her know when it was time to get up, when it was dinner time, and reminded her to take an afternoon nap. The cats were an intricate part of Barbara Jones’ life.

Barbara Jones passed away on Aug. 4 at the age of 82. One of her last wishes was that contributions be made in her memory to Partners Among Cats and Canines (PACC) so that many more cats in need could receive that help.

Barbara Jones will forever be missed but always remembered for what she has done for cats throughout the years.

PACC is an animal-rescue group based in Franklin that fosters animals in need until permanent homes can be found and advocates spay/neuter to help reduce the number of animals in need.

Donations can be sent to PACC, P.O. Box 1133, Franklin, VA 23851.

Becky Lowe is co-owner of Island Tan in Franklin. She can be reached at